Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush — 5 Comments

  1. I think this nonfiction book will appeal to my boys who love the stories of Jack London. I think they will enjoy learning about the man behind the story. From his adventures in the Yukon to his journey to The City of Gold, they will “experience” what Jack did. I think this will be a great book for students to use when needing to do a biography. The authentic photographs are also very eye-catching.
    4 stars ****

  2. Jack was an adventurous guy and looking to escape survival mode. He did! I loved how he loved to study people and that he was an intellectual, despite the odds. His keen sense of people is what made his famous stories come to life! This book would appeal to a upper elementary/middle school boy (especially), if they have already been introduced to Jack London.

  3. An adventure story about an adventure storyteller. While I appreciated the history this book follows, it felt somehow removed from it’s subject. I struggled to get a more visceral sense of London’s struggles or how this experience impacted his life and writing beyond the physical and practical considerations. It did not engage me beyond an intellectual appreciation. Otherwise, the timeline was well laid out. The book did a good job of using London’s experiences to relate to the wider issues during the Klondike Gold Rush and expanded to include some contemporaries and related history without losing it’s thread.

  4. I found this book to be engaging and compelling, and would encourage my readers who want to know about the life of the author, Jack London. I had no idea of all the many risks involved in the Klondike gold rush and found this story to be captivating, and a fast read! Earlier this summer, when posting about this book on my Facebook page, I found out that Jack London was my Dad’s favorite middle school author. The photographs both real and illustrated are rich and powerful. 5 stars *****

  5. Nonfiction is hard for me to get into, but I liked this one as I was familiar with the Klondike Gold Rush back when I was in school. I’m working at getting more biographies about people that kids can do reports on. I purchased this one as I think it’s a good and interesting topic for students to learn about.

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