My Year in the Middle — 7 Comments

  1. I enjoyed this book very much! This could be a great book to use in a Social Studies class when discussing segregation. I think it would appeal to many of my students who run track. Lu was a great main character who stood her ground and did what she thought was right. 5/5 stars.

  2. My Year in the Middle by Lila Quintero Weaver was an enjoyable book to read. I enjoyed the first person point of view and how the character “talked”. I really liked the slang phrases she would use to describe a situation, like “I hated it with a purple passion”, or “what in blue blazes”. Some of these phrases are so outdated it made me laugh and then some of the phrases I have said before. I really liked Lu’s character and her point of view of not being black, not being white, and her opinion on what is was like to truly feel in the middle. She has both white friends and then black friends and finally at the end had to make a stand for friendship.
    I absolutely would give this book a 5 stars. I would recommend this book for pleasure reading and for a read aloud in a classroom. I feel this is an age appropriate book for my library and I definitely want to purchase this book and do a book talk on it.

  3. I really enjoyed this book. I think my students would definitely be able to relate to the main character, Lu, in many of the situations she faces. This is a great work of historical fiction. I have rarely read a book that takes place in this era, and it was really eye opening. I will be giving a book talk to my class on this one. 5 stars

  4. I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick, easy read that flowed well. The main character and her struggles were very relatable. There were many good lessons throughout the story and it was interesting to hear about integration from a child’s perspective. I would definitely get this book for my classroom. I think it would be good for many things – independent reading, read aloud, book club book, or tied into a social studies lesson/unit.

  5. What a fabulous story of courage! I feel like students in this age group will really relate to Lu and the struggles she has with friendship, school, sports, and beginning to go boy crazy. It really offers students a glimpse into this time in our country’s history from someone their age. This would be the perfect book for pleasure reading for this age. Unlike many of the books we’ve read, this book also would make a great read aloud because it is a nice easy read and it is not filled with anything controversial which might lead to awkward questions in a group setting. I would give it 5 stars.

  6. I really enjoyed this book! I think what I liked most about this book was that it was written from the perspective of someone who was not African American, but still felt the effects of segregation. It was clear that Lu truly felt trapped between the world of “white” and “black” depending on the situation. I appreciated that it was written in first person so that we could see Lu’s internal struggle too along with the struggles of blacks at this time.

    I think this book is perfectly suited for someone in this age range. Although this is coming-of-age book where the character explores their own identity, political leanings, and passions, it’s still appropriate for someone in 4th or 5th grades. I think this book would be appropriate for use as a read-aloud, a book club book, and book recommendations. Since it has a taste of sports and history, I think this book will appeal to a variety of readers.

    Overall rating: 5/5

  7. I liked My Year in the Middle by Lila Quintero Weaver. The main character is personable and I think upper elementary and middle school students will be able to relate to her. Even though the book is set in 1970, the issues of friendship, race relations, and sports are very current. Lu, our main character is brave and sensitive. She deals with the pressure to conform to her friends and in the end is confident enough to make her own choice and do what she knows is right. I liked the fact that the author shows Lu working towards a goal – running track as a girl in the 7th grade and competing against older and more experienced athletes. I think students would enjoy reading this book for pleasure and that it also would be a good book to read aloud. 5 stars.