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  1. Thrilled to have Margi Preus present the story and way she researched this story during Camp Read A Lot. The fact of connecting nature with our students in today’s technology world excited me. The use of YELLOW in the books/ clothing/endpapers…the Authors Note at the end of the story. 5 Stars for a Minnesota book!

  2. This book would be good in a classroom when they are talking about weather or nature. I liked at the back of the book that it clarified the proverbs from the story. I was wondering if they were all true when I read the book. I don’t know of any others but it would be an interesting assignment for kids to find out more from grandparents or other older relatives. It is sad that kids today won’t look for those signs as much because they are used to seeing weather on television or the internet. It is exactly how a young sibling’s life is when they are young; they have an idea and they will get side-tracked by all of the older family members “bossing” the little one around. I like how everyone gets their chores accomplished before the storm.

  3. This was another good one. I’ve never been to Split Rock Lighthouse but have been to a number of other ones on Lake Superior. I was not aware of the different signals for the storms coming, those would lead to good discussions. This would be good for second grade to use with a weather unit but would be a good read aloud for third graders for a pleasure reading book. I did like the sequence of events that took place with Sophie alerting everyone. I read this with two boys that I tutor, they thought it was a bit wordy, but said the story was good. *****

  4. What a fun little book and I learned a lot too! I loved the way the book flowed, as Sophie had a purpose of sharing the news of the impending storm with friends and family members to keep them safe. Illustrations were beautiful, colorful and interesting – showing the action and so much more. It was extra fun to have the book set in Minnesota at one of our most beautiful sites. Would rate this book as five stars.

  5. What a fabulous book! As a North Shore/Split Rock Lighthouse fan, this book will remain a favorite of mine. The clever narrative allows us a peek into the life of a lighthouse keeper while sharing several of weather’s proverbs. I could use this to compare and contrast in a couple of ways..historical and geographical . I am looking forward to meeting the author!

    I rate this book 5 stars.

  6. I really like this book and want to have it for my classroom. I would definitely use this book for the unit study of weather. I liked learning about the signs of an incoming storm. I believe the storyline would grab and keep their attention. I love the illustrations in this book also.

  7. This book captures the feeling of the North Shore. I never knew the signs of rain that were mentioned in this book. That was fascinating. There are so many ways this book could be used in a science/social studies context. We could contrast out daily life with this family and make some comparisons. Animal behaviors, instinct, air pressure, and where storms form and move. Great cover and illustrations! 5 Stars

  8. Such a lovely book. I would use this with students who are learning about weather, and start off before reading the book by asking them how they know the weather is going to change, or that a storm is coming. My husband who grew up in Montana was taught how to watch the clouds and see a thunderstorm building…I was not. I think students would be thrilled to learn these signs from the natural world that they themselves could notice.
    I think it would also be interesting to ask students after reading the book *when* they think this book took places. There are some neat picture clues that the setting is the past, and it would be good to see what caught their attention.
    5 stars

  9. I really liked this book about Sophie and her family. I’ve been on the shore of Lake Superior since I was small and have visited the Split Rock Light House many times. With this story it’s easy to imagine what it was like many years ago before all the social media and the weather service reports were readily available like it is now. The subtle changes that alerted to changing weather was something I didn’t know before reading this book. It would be wonderful to use this as a read aloud during a weather unit or a unit on the history of Minnesota. The illustrations by David Geister were great and so appropriate for the time period.

  10. So fun to have the setting of this story Split Rock Lighthouse! This is a good springtime read aloud book. Some children are frightened by storms and this might peak their curiosity to look at nature for changing weather. Information could be acquired from Split Rock on the light house for those who have never been there. Comparison can be done between how weather information was received then and now.
    This also shows how the family works together, each having a task to fulfill.
    The illustrations were beautiful! *****

  11. I loved this story and can’t wait to meet the author in August! I immediately put on my wishlist for our springtime weather unit and could easily see a tie-in with our geography unit. It is wonderful to see the Split Rock lighthouse as the setting, even if it isn’t specifically identified in the story. The illustrations were beautiful and added depth to the story. I also like how each child in the family was working to help out the family as a whole.

  12. Very nice read that could be integrated in to science and social studies. I enjoyed seeing Split Rock Lighthouse, even though it was not specifically identified. I am sure man students would remember visiting the area. The way Sophie and her family could “read” nature was very interesting. A lesson could be created around the book and be expanded to researching other tells from nature and/or what signs we can see in our own environment. The illustrations were also beautiful.

  13. I loved this book! My kids loved the fact that they were reading a book set in a place they had visited. The science behind how the characters knew a storm was coming was great. I give this book a 5 star rating.

  14. I enjoyed this story. This would be a fun Science read aloud. The kids would enjoy learning to look for signs of weather in various places in nature – not just the sky. It’s also fun to read books that are in set in places that students may have visited and can relate to.
    5/5 stars

  15. I liked this book very much because I’m a huge thunderstorm fan and just weather related stuff in general has always fascinated me. It was neat to read the author’s note and get the background info about Split Rock Lighthouse. I also really enjoyed learning all the little proverbs that are helpful to “reading” the weather. This book would be great to use during a weather unit or a storytime with a weather theme. I think youth would enjoy reading this book just for fun, weather nut or not. 5/5 stars

  16. I liked this book. The illustrations were good and story was great. I think it is very important to read this book and also read the author’s notes at the end. Most people now a days depend on the tv, radio and sirens to warn us of storms coming. The author’s notes explain this in more detail. I enjoyed the way this story shows how a young girl learned all the ways to watch nature to see danger is coming and also how we should prepare. I would talk to students about ways they know it is going to rain, snow or storm.
    I rate this 5 stars.

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