The Hyena Scientist — 7 Comments

  1. An interesting book about a group of animals I had never paid much attention to before! Great pictures, however, lots of content that could overwhelm a struggling reader. I like the above suggestions about using it for a career unit. 3/5 stars.

  2. I was expecting a book about Hyenas (I guess I should have read the title better!) The author’s did a great job of telling the story of the scientists that study hyenas. I was amazed at the struggles and primitive living that the researchers deal with daily. The pictures were beautiful. Gave me a new perspective on an animal that I thought was dirty. 5 stars.

  3. Even though the title of this book is The Hyena Scientist, I expected it to be more about the hyenas than about the scientists and it was quite the opposite. The photographs are beautiful, but those aside, I think that students of this age would lose interest quickly. When I think of hyenas, I think of the pack in the Lion King and I did find out that some of the myths that people often believe about the hyena are untrue. I would not recommend this for pleasure reading at this age and I’m not sure how it could be incorporated into curriculum materials. 1 star.

  4. I liked the unique topic of this book. I also liked the bios of all the scientists. However, I would not get this book for my classroom. I thought it was too dense. 2 stars.

  5. I was really excited to read this book because I’ve come to find that I really enjoy the stories behind the scientific discoveries. I knew I was also going to like this book with Nic Bishop as the photographer. I did like learning about Fisi Camp and their research process. I particularly liked the chapters about the heavy rains and flooding, and when the team darted McDonald’s, and took measurements and samples as there was a bit more suspense involved.

    I think this book would be a valuable addition to the classroom and curriculum. I think it would an engaging piece of text for students (both boys and girls) to practice their non-fiction reading skills on. I also liked how this book gave mini biographies of the researchers. I think this makes the book a valuable resource not only from a reading teacher’s perspective, but also because students can learn about the type of work students do in order to prepare themselves for a career as a scientist or researcher.

    Overall rating: 5/5

  6. The Hyena Scientist by Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop was a mildly interesting book. It struck me as less about hyenas and more about scientists and scientific research. The photography was outstanding. In my opinion the main value in this book for young readers is the inside look at animal research. Students might pick up this book to browse the pictures, but it can be recommended for those that are interested in a career researching animals. I think that for that reason it can be referenced in the classroom during a unit on career exploration. 3 stars.

  7. The Hyena Scientist by Sy Montgomery. This book has some great pictures of Hyena’s in their natural environments. Unfortunately this is not a book I would recommend for pleasure reading or for curriculum reading. This book never grabbed my attention and it never did change my opinion of Hyena’s. I was more interested in each individuals story as to the reason that drew them to observing Hyena’s, then learning about Hyena’s. I definitely do not see any third, fourth or fifth grade students picking this book up and reading it from cover to cover.
    I would rate this book with 2 stars.